New meds, new crazy

So I started a new medication on Friday morning called Cetrotide and let’s just say me and Cetrotide are not the best of friends right now.  Interestingly I did very well on the Lupron which was supposed to put me into a menopause state however the Cetrotide is making me a hot mess! It’s a shot that I take in the morning and approximately 2 hours later I want to start crying for no reason. Then an hour after that I’m good, then an hour after that I want to cry again! And Mike probably deserves a  medal because I have been taking it all out on him! Poor guy…  He is doing a very good job of taking it all in stride though. I’ve also been having bad headaches from this medication so if anyone knows of good homeopathic remedies please let me know!

I also had my first ultrasound last Friday (2/16) where they counted my follicles. The follicle count is important because it is an estimate of how many eggs they expect to retrieve. And the more eggs they retrieve the more chances we have for good embryos which means the more chances we have for a baby! They saw approximately 8 follicles but I am hoping there will be more at my next ultrasound which is March 2nd.

I will start my stimulation medications on Friday, which my mood is typically good on these meds, so I just need to get through this week and hope that the Cetrotide doesn’t kill me in the meantime!

Its all starting!!

Well we are getting ready for our next IVF – meds have arrived and I will start my daily shots this Wednesday! The first medication I will be taking is called Lupron and it is supposed to put me into a menopausal state.  Yikes! The purpose of this is to quiet everything down before they start the stimulation medications.  I will be taking Lupron for 9 days. Fingers crossed that I will be able to stay sane during this time!  Our new doctor is having me do a completely different protocol than our previous doctor and I am feeling very confident with him!

Where we have been and where we are going

This post is all about where we have been on our journey and where we are going next.  After doing everything right, getting married, buying the 3 bedroom house in the burbs with the best school districts and trading in the Lexus for the Camry we decided to start trying to have a baby.  Little did we know what an emotional roller coaster we were about to embark on.

Mike and I started TTC (trying to conceive) in Sept 2015 and after going to my OBGYN I found out I had massive fibroids (one was the size of a grapefruit and the other the size of an orange) that needed to be removed which put our baby making plans on hold until April 2016 (Fibroids are benign tumors that are very common in women). We then began trying again, and when nothing happened we decided to seek out the help of a fertility specialist.

Fertility testing revealed that that I only had one tube and Mike’s sperm needed some help. Mike was referred to a urologist who told him to stop taking Propecia and put him on Clomid to increase his testosterone. After these recommendations we began trying again and after 6 months of negative pregnancy tests decided to move to IVF.

In May 2017 our first IVF cycle failed as my body didn’t respond to the medications as they hoped and they converted the cycle to an artificial insemination – which only has a couple percentages points higher than trying naturally and which ended in a BFN (big fat negative).

We started our second cycle in July 2017 and we finally made it to the egg retrieval. We ended up retrieving 9 eggs total, but only 5 were mature. Surprisingly all 5 fertilized and 2 made it to the blastocyst stage. We now had 2 embryos but they were graded fair/poor and poor/poor which means they had a lower chance of actually implanting. They froze these embryos to transfer them at a later date.

August 2017 I had to have another surgery to investigate inflammation in my uterus and discovered some polyps which were removed.

November 9, 2017 we transferred our fair/poor embryo and to our surprise received a positive pregnancy test on November 19th. My HCG (the pregnancy hormone) levels quadrupled in just 2 days and we were convinced this was it for us however our hopes were short lived as we found out the embryo had stopped growing when we went in for our first ultrasound. I miscarried naturally and we decided to switch doctors to go through another egg retrieval. As of right now we have chosen a very highly recommended doctor in the Orange County area who we feel very confident in to take us through this process all over again. I will start birth control pills soon and start my first batch of medications on February 7th and will be moving towards another egg retrieval early to mid March. Our goal is to get 3 chromosomally normal embryos before we move towards a transfer. We believe this will decrease our chances of a miscarriage as most likely the reason I miscarried was due to the embryo being chromosomally abnormal.

We are very excited and hopeful for the next steps and will be keeping you all updated on our progress!